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Alchemista is a full-service, high-touch hospitality partner for all of your corporate food & beverage needs.

Alchemista connects your office with meals from some of the city’s best restaurants, food trucks, and mom & pop cafes. Our team of foodies will build custom menus that offer variety, fit your budget, and address any dietary needs!

Our menus are 100% customized, delivered and set-up with attractive displays and proper ingredient signage with the convenience of hassle-free cleanup!


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Why We’re Different


Menus are 100% customized to meet your needs – everything from Eastern Standard to McDonalds, poke to chicken & waffles, Australian meat pies, salad bars, and many more.

Curated Cultural Events
We offer more than meals! Curated culture-building events, full-service snacking programs, on-site coffee service program and much more!


High-Touch Hospitality
We come from the restaurant word; we know food and service and bring out high-touch approach to every touchpoint.

Alchemista Style
We believe in the mantra that you eat with your eyes. We take great care in the display and presentation of our food- from attractive containers to carefully labeled descriptors complete with allergen info.


Keto? Gluten Free? Need Coffee? Whatever the request, we’re nimble and quick to adjust.

All of our serviceware is sustainable. We never use Styrofoam.