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Recurring CATERING

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Recurring Office Catering

Our recurring catering service is our high-touch, hospitality-driven, most popular offering. Our clients enjoy consistency of meals and/or culture-building experiences (daily, weekly, monthly). On average, we provide 1-3 meals or culture-building experiences a week for our clients.

Working together with your Alchemista Account Manager, we will build menus that fit your budget, address dietary restrictions/allergies, and offer health-conscious options. Once a menu is approved, our Operations team works directly with the selected restaurants to ensure proper portioning and ensure that all delivery logistics are considered. Operations works closely with each restaurant, following up prior to service to ensure your order is delivered correctly, on time, and hassle free. 




Not ready to treat your staff to ongoing meal service?

Your company can still experience the Alchemista difference with Alchemista ONE

With only 72 hours’ notice required, this model offers our clients additional flexibility and is suitable for companies of 25 people or more.

Alchemista Client Attendants are available for an additional fee.


ALCHEMISTA IS All about service


Our Client Attendants are responsible for ensuring your Alchemista experience goes off as it should.



Our Service Includes:

Meeting the delivery driver at the designated drop site.

Setting up the food, including menu signs that list each item along with any allergens that dish may contain.

Cleaning and rotating menu items throughout the meal service so food is always hot, fresh, and appealing looking to your staff.


All clean up when meal service is complete, leaving the space exactly as it was found.

Sending our Operations team a report for each service and location, allowing us to log this information to ensure we continually improve upon service.

With any leftover food, serve as the logistics coordinator for Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. 


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