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Office Food & Beverage Made Easy

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Alchemista is a full-service, high-touch hospitality partner for all of your corporate food & beverage needs.

We are the partner that connects your team with meals from some of the city’s best restaurants, food trucks, and mom & pop cafes.

By partnering with you to create your own unique workplace culture through food and beverage offerings, we help you amplify your brand’s core values, strengthen desired behaviors, maximize performance and profitability, and maintain a high level of employee satisfaction.


At Alchemista, it’s way more than food; it’s the culture that caring for your employees creates.

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Why We’re Different


Our menus are 100% customizable to meet your needs. We feature over 70 sought-after restaurants (high and low brow, slow and fast food) that typically do not offer corporate catering, including everything from Eastern Standard to McDonald’s, poke to chicken & waffles, Australian meat pies, salad bars, and many more.

Reusable Wares
We are the FIRST and ONLY corporate catering company in the U.S. to use reusable dishware, serveware, utensils and serving utensils for all of our corporate catering clients, making us a pioneer in sustainability efforts within our industry. As a result, we reduce an estimated 109,920 tons of waste over the course of one year.


Curated Cultural Events
We offer more than meals! Curated culture-building events, full-service snacking programs, on-site coffee service, and much more.

Client Attendants
Our Client Attendants are on site at your office for every meal delivery to ensure that the food is presented properly and to serve as quality control. 


Alchemista Style
We believe in the mantra that you eat with your eyes; as such, we take great care in the display and presentation of our food. From attractive containers to carefully labeled descriptors complete with allergen information, our Client Attendants are responsible for making mealtime an experience, not a chore.

Flat Rate Pricing
Our flat rate pricing allows you to offer your employees a wide variety of cuisines within a fixed budget. A sushi lunch may be more expensive than a salad bar; by offering flat rate pricing we do all of the work behind-the-scenes to average out expenditures across your meal subscription.


High-Touch Hospitality
Our leadership team comes from the restaurant world; we know food and service and bring our high-touch approach to hospitality to every client touchpoint.

Plan Ahead
We’ll help you plan for up to two months out; no need to think about how you’re feeding or caring for your staff, it’ll just be done. 


Hire someone who’s Keto or Gluten Free? Need to add coffee? Whatever the request, we’re nimble and quick to adjust.

We partner with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, ensuring that any leftover food goes to those in need. By serving as the logistical conduit between our clients and RLC, you reap the charitable benefit and help to save on average 4,000 pounds of food per year.


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