Christine has spent 17 years in public service and financial management. Formerly the U.S. Department of Energy’s deputy chief financial officer, Christine has a passion for executing big projects and big ideas, and for creating jobs that boost local economies. Her professional experience includes overseeing more than 1,000 federal and contract employees, advocating for job-creating projects, managing an annual budget of $27 billion and overseeing $32 billion in stimulus funding for the DOE.

Meanwhile, Christine’s foodie leanings have always led her to seek out the same flavor, quality and service she found in her mother’s Mediterranean restaurant. At Alchemista, Christine blends her financial acuity and her selective palate to help restaurant partners build their businesses and to create amazing event eating experiences for customers. She is a certified public accountant and has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Texas and a Master’s of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



A thought-leader focused on achieving exceptional results in local communities with a focus on small business initiatives, economic development, community revitalization and job creation. Experienced in building partnerships with key decision makers that require a deep understanding of critical business components in multiple markets and industries. Effectively leads organizations with over 1,000 employees and manages annual revenues in excess of $40M. An entrepreneur whose new ideas and fresh perspectives serve as a source of innovation and inspiration for his team.
Moderator for numerous political panels and debates for Massachusetts political officials, as well as congressional leaders.

Frequent keynote speaker at universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern, and Fortune 500 companies.